Friday, September 28, 2012

Palin Was Right ! Obama admin official, Ratner, wrote column in N.Y.Times saying only way new healthcare law can work is to have death panels/rationing.Yes,he used term, "Death Panels."

From the Small Craft Advisory site.To qualify the post Ratner is a former official and he says
 "well not exactly Death Panels"  I think most people would prefer-no death panels at all whether not exactly or exactly.


Sarah Palin Was Right !

     In 2010, when Obamacare was being rammed into law with one party support, in the darkness of night, using a process called reconciliation (which in this application violates the spirit of the Constitution), Sarah Palin was excoriated for suggesting that the new law incorporated death panels. She was characterized by the left as a crazy, right-winger who was trying to scare the American people. The Obama administration said it was a ridiculous accusation not worthy of debate. They announced sometime later that the panels had been taken out of the legislation.
  Last weekend, an Obama administration official, by the name of Steve Ratner, wrote an op-ed column in the New York times saying the only way the new health care law can work is to have death panels and rationing. Yes, he actually used the term, "Death Panels." This admission is consistent with the news that the National Kidney Register is changing the criteria for those waiting for a life-saving operation. In the past, the next available kidney would go to the next person on the list. Now, the determination for a kidney will be made on the basis of how much longer the individual will statistically live. In other words, those deemed as not having much more usefulness to the state, will be out of luck. This is similar to how other socialized medicine schemes work. Since health care dollars and providers are limited by the system, a model is used to determine how much useful life an individual posses. If it is deemed that the operation is not cost-effective, the individual is left untreated.
This cost-basis model for health care was advocated strongly by Ezekiel Emanuel, a major contributor to the President's health care reform law. In a free-market system, competition drives down the price for procedures and creates an environment that is friendly to new health care professionals. In a recent poll, eighty percent of doctors said they were seriously considering leaving the field if Obamacare is fully implemented.

 Even if half of those doctors leave, it will further decimate the field where in recent years there have been thousands more doctors leaving the profession than there are new graduates to take their place. If the supply of health care dwindles and the demand continues to rise, rationing will necessarily be a reality. In the private sector, insurance companies reject 4% of the claims they receive. The government programs of Medicare and Medicaid reject 8%. If the free-market disappears completely, which is the goal of the new health care law, the rejection rate is any body's guess, but it certainly will not go down. Conservatives knew Sarah Palin was right when she made her proclamation in 2010. If Barrack Obama is re-elected, the rest of the country will discover the wisdom of her statement far too late to save themselves or their loved-ones.