Sunday, September 23, 2012

Obama/Romney Tied So Media Rabidly Attack Palin! One Calls Bill Kristol A "Mentor & Pimp For Palin"

A supposedly bad week for Mitt Romney, on the other hand the major tracking polls show the race dead even. So what could be more expected than for the blogosphere, including major sites, to turn their fury on.....Sarah Palin!

A Google search for "Palin says Romney should go rogue" turns up over 200,000 entries!

Noticeably a common thread is that "Palin is irrelevant" and "her fifteen minutes are well up (or just about up as the case may be).

What is perplexing is, is if Palin is assigned to the category of a "talking head" by the left why is she subject to such angry, sarcastic,  and vehement attacks. She is not a candidate, is not actively campaigning on the ground and only appears on Fox from time to time in brief segments.

In the last week she has been attacked by, variously, Jon Stewart, Doug Mataconis (who seems obsessed with her) at Outside the Beltway, and of course Taylor Marsh to name but a few. 

Huffington Post tosses red meat about Palin to their basement dwelling readers and the mad conspirator sites like Immoral Minority do the same for their tin foil hat wearing readers.

When today Palin made a statement about the state of the race to the Weekly Standard and advised Mitt Romney to "go rogue" the Twitterverse sprang into action attacking her along with the usual suspects like Mataconis. 

The depth of hatred for Palin is beyond rationality-especially using the "standard" the left set for her i.e. that she is "irrelevant". 

For example this incredible rant by someone named Hart Williams at a blog titled "his vorpal sword" includes the paragraph below.For someone to write like this makes one wonder about the utter lack of dignity inherent in some denizens of the leftist hate cesspool;

I note the asterisked qualifier way down the page which to my mind does nothing to lessen the disgusting nature of his remarks.One thing we can say for certain is that if we compare the two-Palin and Hart as humans, and judge them on the quality of their souls based on their recorded remarks, only one would qualify as having a soul at all.

Look, one can disagree with Palin, disagree vehemently but the left crosses a line as dignity, humanity and rational argument go out the window where she is concerned. 

Again I ask the question,if she is supposedly so dumb, finished, and irrelevent why do people like Mataconis/Hart/Marsh/Stewart and a myriad of others continue to write about her?

Here's Hart's best efforts: (including not being able to spell "cacophony")

Epiphany? Do we REALLY think Miss Wasilla used that word? Cacophany, perhaps. But “epiphany”?
We get it, Sarah. Really we do.  Your mentor and pimp*, Kristol, shares your fear that you’re retreating into irrelevance and that your fifteen minutes have elapsed.
And so, ordering Daniel Halper to call you up, he becomes willing stenographer for your idiotic political analysis, toiling manfully to make it seem even less insipid and prima facie dumb than it already is."

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