Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Latest Meme;"Palin Hasn't Said Anything Dumb Lately,Is She O.K.?" Actually It Was Media That Created "Dumb" Image

Apart from the mad, or perhaps to be charitable, just plain ignorant and stupid statement "Sarah Palin says she can see Russia from her House" Tweets which infest the Blogosphere, it is noticeable that there has been a change of tone towards her.

With the Russia comments, it is a sad commentary on the average leftists, as of course that is who they are, if they still think, after four years that it was Palin who made that comment and don't know it was Tina Fey. Further, even if they hold to that sad belief it is hard to discern what is to be gained after all this time. Even if, for the sake of argument, Palin had actually said that, surely after four years even the most strange of gaffe's must be allowed to sink into  oblivion.

President Obama's numerous gaffes (Corpse-men/Austrian language/57 states/signing wrong date in Westminster Abbey) have been allowed to get time off for good behaviour and no matter what  Vice-president Biden says and does, it is just brushed off-if Palin had said half the things Biden had (too numerous to even bother to list) then there would be genuine reason for endless mockery, but as we all know there are two standards for Palin and any Democrat.

Now that Palin is not a candidate, and even more so, that she is not actively campaigning against President Obama and not perceived as a threat, the invective has toned down. The inane tin foil hat "Trig Truther" conspiracy minded continue on their mad way, but nobody with half a brain takes any notice of their ramblings. However,  a new meme is developing as the rabid hate generated by intense partisanship and media support of Obama eases off. This is "Sarah Palin hasn't said anything stupid for ages-I hope she is alright" and variations thereof.

Why people feel the necessity to comment about Palin at all, since the other theme of course is that she is "irrelevant" is beyond my ken, but there you have it. With the new" she has not said anything stupid" line the left has exposed not only their gullibility in swallowing the media/Dem's line, but have allowed a gap in any future attacks themes on her, should she choose to run.

With the scales lifting, by allowing that her recent statements are "not stupid" then by inference perhaps, just perhaps, her past statement were not all that stupid either. The fact the tens of thousands of emails released by the state of Alaska from her time as governor showed a hard working, scandal free, prosperous administration should have provided an earlier clue to the falseness and irrationality of the media (and Hollywood's) attack on Palin. Which attacks were characterized by John McCain as the most vicious he has ever seen.

With the media's and the fanatic partisans attention  occupied with the Romney campaign, Palin will be able to speak on record, unfiltered by media distortion.Thus, her common sense conservatism, allied to her track record of achievement, will be a breach in the damn dam of leftist distortion. 

The left has, with their new meme, left themselves open to losing the major point of attack against Palin should she run in the future. Who the will be the dumb one then?

For a glimpse of the real, unfiltered by media distortion palin here is a compendium of her statements on economics and other important matters AT THIS LINK