Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Immoral Minority "Gryphen;"My Finger's Nowhere Near My Hair" Any Suggestions Where It Might Be Then?

Since the proprietor of the loony bin site "Immoral Minority has chosen to link to my site on a number of occasions I thought it only fair to return the compliment. I assisted him in the past when he ran a piece advising that Boehner was a Senator-but hey, no one is perfect

His site specializes in throwing  red, (actually fetid red) meat to the collection of odd balls who regularly infest it. Why he would wish to do so is something beyond my ken but that's not my problem.

To give an idea of the truly weird people who inhabit IM I saw a statement that Todd Palin had murdered one of the (apparently there are quite a few) substitutes that Sarah Palin keeps of Trig and "buried him under his airplane hangar's concrete slab".

Anyway, just to be helpful (and I am certain I will not receive any visits from IM readers complimenting me on this site and my assistance but hey, I am happy just to assist) I would venture to say that there are plenty of none IM readers who could give their suggestions as to where "Gryphen" has his finger. The journalist Stacy McCain did an interesting column on where this gentleman may have his fingers from time to time but that's just one idea.

Here's the puzzle which needs addressing.

By the way the manufactured drama between Pamela Anderson and Bristol, saying that Anderson made "she's crazy" motions with her finger, is complete BS. I saw the video piece and she really was simply playing with her hair.

However I have no problem stating for the record that the whole damn family is a bunch of nutjobs. And my finger is nowhere NEAR my hair!