Thursday, September 13, 2012

If Romney Loses Coulter/Rubin & All The GOP Establishment Enablers Will be Scattered Like Chaff In The Wind

Without commenting on the desideratum or not, of a Romney loss, as the case may be for the reader, one thing follows, surely, from such a loss and that is the scattering to the winds of the Beltway/media, RINO/establishment, enablers of Romney's nomination.

The likes of Ann Coulter, who appeared to be such a conservative during the Bush years, showed her true, or new colors, with her passion for Christie and then Romney. Jennifer Rubin, the Washington Posts' tame "conservative" columnist (whose only saving grace is being excoriated by the ultra-leftist New York Magazine-for defending Romney of course).

The old guard, pure establishment fogey's like George Will; "inauguration day will see either Tim Pawlenty or Mitch Daniels sworn in" will be utterly exposed and exploded. The supposed "intellectual' wing of the establishment commentariat like David Brooks will find they have no credibility, and a limited audience.

The battle for the 2016 nomination will commence November 7th, actually  for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear it is well under way. 

There is no place in the coming Tea Party, true conservative Republican party for anyone who was an enabler of the Romney campaign (should he lose), who opposed Sarah Palin, and who would foist another Rino on the rank and file in 2016.

If the GOP establishment wants to crown another Bush they will have an almighty battle on their hands. An attempt by those forces to co-opt the dinosaurs in the GOP ranks to aid and abet their cause, thinking that since it worked with Romney it will work with Jeb, will find themselves on the wrong side of history.

Should they succeed their victory may well be a pyrrhic one as they may find their man leading a W.H. Taft
disaster (see Taft's 1912, result and the 3rd party scenario in 2016  AT THIS LINK) as a new, genuinely conservative party is created shorn of the establishment and their enablers.