Wednesday, September 5, 2012

If Palin Was The Nominee:A Troops/Crony Capitalism/Women/Minorities Convention Would Have Negated All The Dem's Themes

I'm not saying that I think Sarah Palin should have run for the Republican nomination, far from it. In fact I think that her not seeking it is an example of her political nous and genius-but more on that on another day.

However, if there had been a brokered convention, and if the delegates had asked Palin to be the standard bearer I have no doubt whatsoever that she would have answered the call, just like she did when John McCain's campaign was in the doldrums.

We are far enough from the GOP's convention to ask the question "what would a Sarah Palin convention have looked like and how would it be different from the Romney/Ryan convention?" We've also had a glimpse of the tenor of the Democrat's convention to see what their themes are, and the difference is striking.

We are also far enough from the GOP convention to see that it produced the worst "bounce" as measured by Gallup since GOP convention bounce records were published by them-in fact an exactly zero bounce.

Would there have been a bounce from a Palin convention? That is a matter of conjecture of course but we could, I believe, safely surmise that it couldn't have been any worse "bounce" wise. We can also see, with a degree of certainty on the other hand, that some of the themes and visuals at the Democratic convention would have been neutered substantially.

For example;

A Palin/West ticket, and since Palin called for West to be considered as VP I would believe that would be her choice too, would have immediately taken away the theme and imagery of the GOP being a middle aged middle class white person party. 

The audience shots at the Dem's convention and of course Michelle Obama and her children make a striking contrast to the Romney/Ryan ticket and audience. 

Any social media "racist" nonsense directed against the GOP would be ended immediately.

Michelle Obama's address with its reference to her family struggles contrasted strongly with the imagery of the Romney family, and Ryan too for that matter. There is no escaping that Romney is a very wealthy man, and it is perhaps challenging for the people who are struggling to relate to him. 

Certainly the concept that a successful businessman is the best to rescue the economy has merit. On the other hand that may only work in times of a massive depression where an ultra-wealthy person like Roosevelt was accepted (although he was Dem which may have made it easier).

A Palin candidacy would have immediately negated the rich versus poor candidate history as of course her family is an up from the bootstraps story-as is West's. Palin could, and would have, surely, bashed hard at the "crony capitalism" theme which she made her own and which would negate the Dem's trying to attach that aspect of the business world solely to the Romney ticket.

There would have been no media and Dem convention beat-ups about hidden taxes, Cayman Island accounts, Bain created mass lay-offs, houses with car elevators, dressage ponies and the like (nor dogs on cars for that matter).

The "war on women' nonsense would have stopped dead in its tracks. Palin supported women, many of whom owe their success to her, such as  Fischer, Ayotte, Martinez, Hayley, would have been front and center with her, forming an indelible picture of strong conservative women on the march.

Instead of there being hardly a mention of, or salute to, the troops it is unimaginable that Palin would not have made such matters near the center of her address, and in fact the whole convention. She is widely known and respected for her love of the service person, and of course her son Track is serving, in contrast to Romney's sons.

As for Allen West, there is nothing to be said on the military matter-it speaks for itself. West, Cruz, Martinez, Hayley would have been front and center showing the new, multi-ethnic face of the GOP, made possible to a large degree by Palin's breakthrough.

The same establishment team that brought the Steve Schmidt result is guiding the current effort. We have seen what they have wrought, and I will leave it to readers to judge the merits of their efforts. These include alienating the Palin, Tea Party, and Ron Paul forces, in stark contrast to what might have been with a Palin candidacy.

The Republican establishment have their team, we shall see how that works out for them. It appears to be working well for the Democrats as it has given them plenty of meat to chew on.