Monday, September 3, 2012

GOP Geniuses (Schmidt School)"Since We Can't Win Without Florida/Hispanics,Forget Rubio For Dem Wisconsin's Ryan"

As the Electoral College map below shows, if President Obama wins Florida there is, in reality and barring any Lehman Brothers type collapse, no way that Romney/Ryan can win in November.

And every reasonably possible state has been assigned to Romney, including such tight races as in  Ohio/Virginia/Iowa/Colorado/North Carolina. 

I have even given Nevada and, for the sake of pushing the envelope/argument to its limits, Wisconsin to Romney. The latter to, in the context of this article, give the Schmidtite strategic geniuses every opportunity to strut their stuff for choosing Ryan instead of Rubio.

Even with all these dubious states in Romney's tally he still can't get to the 270 Electoral college votes needed to win. If any of the seven were lost his chances would be hopeless. Frankly, even if Romney won Florida he would still have to win Virginia/Ohio/North Carolina if he didn't win, as is likely, Nevada, Colorado and Wisconsin.

However, his chances would be much higher if he did win Florida, and presumably his chances of doing so, and of picking up Hispanic support in Colorado and Nevada would have been much higher if he had chosen Marco Rubio as his running mate. 

Rubio would have brought in some if not all the Tea Party support Ryan was supposed to have done too, as he was endorsed by Sarah Palin on his way to winning his Senate seat.

But the same GOP geniuses, from the Steve Schmidt school of politics, who alienated the Ron Paul and Sarah Palin supporters at the convention and who forbade even the mention of the Tea Party in depth (I mean after all they only gave the GOP control of the House in 2010 s who needs them eh?) decided that Paul Ryan would be a better VP candidate than Marco Rubio.

Bottom line, if Romney wins Wisconsin he may have a shot at the presidency, if he loses Florida the election will be over by 8:30 p.m. on election night.