Thursday, September 13, 2012

As MidEast Anti-US Riots Spread Palin's "Big Stick" Comments/Romney Reaction Validated By the Hour

As even the establishments mouthpiece the New York Times has had to admit the anti-American values (for that is what it is) riots are spreading across the Arab world. From Egypt to Libya to Yemen to now Morocco, Tunisia and Sudan.

It doesn't matter how much the USA facilitated  the "Arab Spring" either overtly  or covertly, how much foreign aid is pumped in, how much blood and treasure was lost in bringing democracy, or at least the opportunity for it the hate for American  is apparent.

When the American Ambassador in Libya was killed, Palin immediately brought her common sense conservatism to the fore and condemned the action and called on President Obama to change his Chamberlain type appeasement attitude to the "Arab Spring" by bringing  a T.R. "big stick" attitude. 

Mitt Romney, rightly, immediately condemned the attacks on America and the apologetic response that was initially made. For his pains he was roundly condemned by the media

The only good things to come from this affront to America is the exposure, once again, of the media being in the tank for Obama, the failure of any foreign policy based on appeasement and the reality of the Muslim/Christian Western law/Sharia law divide.