Tuesday, September 4, 2012

(Update:No 3rd Party Run-No Romney Endorsement Either)Breitbart: "300 Ron Paul supporters joined a conference call on Sunday night to discuss plans to urge Paul to run as a third-party candidate on the Libertarian Party ticket.

UPDATE; Ron Paul rules a third party run/endorsement out but still doesn't endorse Romney. His supporters can take that as they see it.

Original post:

This, if it happens, will be the Romney teams reward for alienating the Paulite/Palinite and Tea Party supporters-a massive Electoral College defeat;

From Breitbart's Tony Lee;

"Upset by how the Republican Party establishment “disrespected” them during the Republican National Convention, over 300 Ron Paul supporters joined a conference call on Sunday night to discuss plans to urge Paul to run as a third-party candidate on the Libertarian Party ticket.

Speculation about Paul’s intentions will intensify even more because Paul will appear on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno on Tuesday night to make an announcement, presumably about whether he will make a third-party run or support Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson. "
The entire post can be read AT THIS LINK
I commented prior to this;

According to this list of late night talk shows Rep. Ron Paul is due on Leno's show Tuesday the 4th.

The Examiner AT THIS LINK has a huge headline "Ron Paul washes his hands of fiscally irresponsible Republican party" and goes to to cite Bloomberg;

On Aug. 31, Congressman and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul officially washed his hands of the GOP, just as the 2012 Republican convention comes to a close. Citing the party being no different than the Democrats in fiscal spending and irresponsibility, the Texas Congressman denounced fully that the GOP in its current form was no longer his.

The author (and then Paul himself) then goes on to describe, in his view, how the Republican establishment treated Paul shabbily during the campaign and at the convention.

It is in the comments section that much of the further interest lies. Comments run along the lines that Gary Johnson would be the recipient of the Paul supporters votes (2 million at least according to Paul) and that this marks, happily for some, the end of the GOP. In the wings is the Virginia analysis of Virgil Goode's signatures for his Constitutional Party ballot access as well. if he gets on the ballot then Virginia is gone for Romney and his path to an electoral college win is very hard to discern even with Goode's candidacy let alone Johnson's. UPDATE;GOODE NOW CONFIMRED ON VIRGINIA BALLOT .

I am not quite so sure of the latter point. Certainly if Paul announces support for Gary Johnson, which quite within the realms of being possible, and his supporters follow his advice then Romney is done. It does not necessarily follow that a massive electoral defeat for the GOP's establishment candidate would mean the end of the GOP though.

If in 2012, with the clear repudiation of the Beltway establishment the GOP nominates Palin or a Palin type then there would be every chance of pulling the party together, a party that truly represented the wishes of the rank and file. Not a party which imposes a Rockefeller/Dole/Bush/McCain/Romney candidate on the great mass of conservative voters.

In the medium term what the establishment has done by alienating both the Paul and Palin forces, if it leads to a GOP electoral disaster, may turn out to be a good thing if it results in a realignment within the GOP ranks and the selection of a genuine conservative-Palin/Rand Paul 2012?