Monday, August 27, 2012

The Most Stunningly Beautiful Photo Of Palin At Arizona Rally;Inner&Outer Grace

Celebrating the stunning good looks of a person does, in no way whatsoever, detract from ones admiration of their personal qualities. Rather it is an acknowledgement of how rare it is that a person, especially a leader who is in the public eye and under intense scrutiny by female haters, can combine an inner quality with a an outer one.

It would make no difference to me if Palin's inner qualities were not some how mirrored by an outer beauty. The latter, at the end of the day having no significance in respect of the effect for positive change an individual make create-Golda Meir comes to mind initially, as does Mother Teresa.

On the other hand it can be chalked up as an added bonus, that the person one admires and supports is pleasant looking, not least in the satisfaction it brings that it drives the leftist harpies mad (for instance this one)

In my opinion this picture of a clearly relaxed, and in total self-control and languidly beautiful Sarah Palin, exemplifies the outer grace which reflects an inner grace.