Friday, August 31, 2012

"Ryan's Faked the Birth of Son" Upcoming Kos/Media/DNC "Scandals" Like '08 Palin Attacks

Because the Dem's and their media allies ran the most foul, ad hominem campaign in U.S. history against Sarah Palin in 2008 we can expect the to see following in the media over the coming months directed against 

Surely we can because we can expect what was directed against a woman, without a word of complaint from the so called feminists harpies, to be directed against a man and his family-or can we?

From Politico, the alleged home of some of the "journolist" media conspirators which was a cabal of leftist media journo's who worked together via email to promote Obama's candidacy and attack Palin:

"DNC to send a planeload of lawyers to Wisconsin to investigate every aspect of Ryan's life to uncover scandals"

From The National Enquirer

"Paul Ryan had an affair with his wife's business partner" and then; 

"The Ryan's are getting a divorce."

The from the disgusting alleged humans at the "progressive" site "Daily Kos"

Paul Ryan's wife did not really give birth to her son, it is her daughter's child from unknown father"

"Comedians" will tell really fun jokes how their "homey's" will rape Ryan

From the disgusting Kos Moulitsas who infamously tweeted "Mission accomplished Sarah Palin" after Gabby Gifford's was shot; a similar tweet somehow linking Ryan with the Gifford's shooting "Mission accomplished Paul Ryan" when there is another shooting tragedy.

These would be, if the Dem's/Media run true to form, just a few of the disgusting tactics they will use unless they wish to be exposed further as totally in the tank for Obama and totally biased against a conservative woman. 

We could also expect to see a Ryan lookalike male stripper tossed in the ix to endless guffaws from the left and the late night talk show hosts, especially the adulterer, Letterman, have a nightly sarcastic spasm against Ryan.

Oh, and Joe McGinniss will rent a house right next door to the Ryan's and write a massive hatchet job about their private lives including allegations of snorting cocaine. 

Or pigs will fly.
Here's some memeories;

Yep, he (Letterman) made a “joke” about Willow Palin, age 16, being raped in the middle of Yankee Stadium by Alex Rodriguez..of course the left thought the “joke” was hysterically funny. Even Joyless Behar said “Hey its just a joke, he’s a comedian.” Letterman made a lame half ass apology saying he was referring to Bristol NOT Willow, yeah like that makes a difference. So Bristol was the one he wanted to be the left obviously has NO issue with rape.
Just like when Sandra Bernhard said during the 2008 election that if Sarah Palin ever went to New York she would get her “Black homies” to gang rape her, heard nothing but crickets from the apparently according to Bernhard, black men are all a bunch of rapists. No outrage from the media there