Sunday, August 19, 2012

PPP Polling (D/Kos) Writes Off Palin For 2016.This Outfit Also Said Perry's Candidate Would Beat Palin's (Cruz) In Texas

PPP Polling which usually is indicated by the letter "D" and which polls for the extreme leftist Palin hate site "Daily Kos" has effectively written off Sarah Palin's prospects for 2016-if not ever.

Apart from the fact that PPP has had a run of bad polling results lately they also stated that "Rick Perry's candidate", as they described Dewhurst, "would defeat Sarah Palin' candidate Ted Cruz" in the GOP Texas primary for the Senate seat.

Not only did the get that wrong but they also underestimated Cruz's winning margin in their final poll.

So their comments, based on their previous poll of prospective GOP candidates in Iowa and now New Hampshire, where they have Palin at 7% should be taken with a large grain of salt. It is reasonable to consider that Palin is not ,as yet, perceived as a candidate. It is also not unreasonable to consider that if she did declare,given her huge popularity as registered in a PPP poll of various Republicans of note then her current low rating, if it is real, would jump immediately upwards.

For what it is worth, and it might be of use to keep this on file her are PPP's exact words 

"It just doesn't seem likely she'll ever be a serious Presidential candidate."