Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bernie Quigley:"Palin Will Lead 2016 Primary Battle And Should Have Been Keynote Speaker"

Writing at the respected site The Hill, commentator Bernie Quigley analyses the current state of the GOP and doesn't appreciate what he see-but sees great hope for its future. A future led by Sarah Palin.

Quigley absolutely blasts both Chris Christie, who he seems as the spearhead not for the GOP's current election campaign, but as the "carny barker" for the East Coast establishment and who should not have been chosen as the Tampa keynote speaker-that honor shoudl have gone to Palin he suggests strongly.

Qugiley sees the real battle as not between the Dem's and GOP but internally for the Republicans with the tide of history going out for the Beltway bosses and coming in for the conservative element with Palin as a sort of charioted Boadicea, or a female Neptune armed with the trident of conservative economic values.

Quigley states what i have made the purpose of this site, that Palin  will be leading the 2016 primary pack if Romney loses and if Romney wins, who Quigley sees as reverting to type, she will lead the challenge against him in 2016.

Here's the key quote:

If Obama wins this year, Palin will lead (against Christie/Bush) in the Republican primary in 2016. If Romney wins and yields to the tradition (which he will because his life is stuck in 1972) Palin will bring a challenge.