Thursday, June 21, 2012

Palin For President 2016 Open Forum

This site has no adverts/generates no income and is not an avenue for me or my ideas-it exists strictly to promote Sarah Palin as the GOP's presidential candidate and president in 2016. For those who have the same point of view it is an open forum at all times and all supportive comments are welcome.

The site will flourish, or not, depending solely on the enthusiasm and input of people who wish to see Palin as president. If another site appears that has a better presentation or wider appeal than that's fine and to be welcomed. in the meantime this appears to be the sole site for enthusiasts for Palin 2016 who are most welcome.

Well I have achieved something few Palin supporters  have-lead article about my Palin 2016 site on hate site "Immoral Minority" This is of course a badge of honor which I treasure deeply. 

They also quote the comments at Conservatives4palin about 
their comments-sort of a logic goes out from here, madness comes in tidal effect. Their site serves an important purpose, sort of like bestiality pornography, in that it is an outlet for the disturbed who might otherwise commit acts of real, instead of verbal violence.