Friday, May 4, 2012

"The Hill" Sees 2016 As Palin Versus Clinton

Well known political site "The Hill" has an opinion piece up which looks to the 2106 election and the battle being between Clinton and Palin.

The author is solidly in the Clinton camp and thinks that Hillary would destroy Sarah in this match up. Amongst the reason for this supposed landslide are, ludicrously;

"Hillary Clinton fights for American workers and American women while Palin and Haley side against them on the great issues.

Hillary Clinton stands for equality and fairness while Palin and Haley represent the interests of elites who profit from unfairness and inequality."

Never mind, each one to their own opinion no matter how silly-as if Palin "represents the interests of elites."

What is of interest is the thinking that Palin could be  the GOP's candidate. This marks a turn from the left stating she is "irrelevant and a has been" and of course for Palin to be the candidate in 2016 it would mean that Romney lost in 2012-or was defeated by Palin in a 2016 primary battle.

Again, for all their denigration and dismissal of Palin the left shows that she lives rent free in their heads, and in reality that she is a formidable force.