Monday, April 23, 2012

Texas Blog Links To Palin4President 2016 As Movement Gathers Pace

alg_rick-perry-gun.jpgDaily Show writers, start saving up those jokes. Still Governor Rick Perry has promised to consider a second run for the Presidency.
In an interview Wednesday night, Perry told CBS reporter Jack Finke that he would not rule out a second run in 2016. He said, "As long as my health stays good, as it is, and my family is supportive, I'm certainly going to give it a good examination."
It's a statement that sounds almost as coy as his previous I'm-not-interested-but-really-I-kinda-sorta-am-interested responses to similar questions, back in those halcyon days when he appeared to restless conservatives to be the ultimate Not-Mitt-Romney. But although his interview demeanor certainly looks sincere, we wonder whether he's really thought this all through. After all, a 2016 run--assuming his party's nominee wins this year--would place him in the position of being a primary challenger. That's an awkward place for someone who dislikes losing as much as our governor seems to. Then again, perhaps Perry, like his former rival Rick Santorum, simply doesn't think much of Romney's chances this year.
You may be wondering who would get behind Perry for a second run. Apparently, there are some. Already, a Facebook page has popped up, Rick Perry 4 President 2016Palin4President 2016 is contemplating the possible outcome of the two glossy-plumaged Tea Party darlings going mano-a-mano.
So writers, start storing up those one-liners. 'Cause God willin' and the creeks don't rise, you'll have Rick Perry to kick around in 2016.