Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rick Perry Vs Palin In 2015? Perry Announces Possible Run

According to Teagan Goddard 
 AT THIS LINK Texas Governor Rick Perry hasn't had enough of public humiliation on the campaign trail ( read the comments below Goddard's article at the link-they are excruciatingly embarrassing) and is "leaning to running for president in 2016."

I am sure the Romney campaign will be delighted with this admission by one of the former front-runners that either Romney will be defeated in November or, if elected, will face a challenge from Perry during his first term. 

Perry indicates he would start his run in 2015 just three years into Romney's term-if there is a Romney term of course. Statements like Perry's will help to ensure that Rick has a run against the record of a sitting Democrat president in 2015.

Perry has to be selected then re-elected as Texas Governor first of course and if through his machinations Romney is defeated in 2012 he may find a more formidable opponent than Romney in 2015 by the name of Palin, whose endorsement of Perry against Hutchison helped him get re-elected last time, running against him for the presidency.