Friday, April 27, 2012

The Left Starts To Consider Who To Run Against Palin 2016

The left via Politico (D) commences its consideration of who they might run in 2016. A liberal New Yorker- Cuomo versus a true conservative-Palin after eight years of liberalism will be a no-contest Palin landslide.

Clinton would be a tougher, but hardly insurmountable task no doubt, but the odds against her running at 70 and after the public would be looking for change (and recovery) are high.

Here is an extract from the main article  AT THIS LINK;

Cuomo vs. Clinton in 2016?
By: Maggie Haberman
April 26, 2012 04:43 AM EDT

Welcome to my announcement to run for president of Malta,” Hillary Clinton joked Wednesday night as she took the stage at Lincoln Center, where she was one of 100 luminaries honored by Time magazine.
Surveying the crowd, the globe-trotting secretary of state added: “I was delighted to see our wonderful governor Andrew Cuomo is on the Time 100 list, along with others, like Marco Rubio, and … the two of them and I have ended up on some other lists this past couple of months.”
Clinton had barely finished the sentence before the crowd laughed knowingly. Yet with that coy nod to two other people who are frequently mentioned as 2016 presidential contenders, Clinton fanned the speculation about whether she’s planning to make a second-act presidential run in four years.
The not-so-idle chatter has real-world impact in New York political circles, raising the tantalizing possibility of a civil war among the state’s two biggest political titans in 2016. If Clinton does decide to run, will Cuomo — driven, politically popular and keenly aware of strong political moments — also barrel ahead? Or will Clinton, with her national network of donors and base of support, clear the field?

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