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Critique Of The Left's Critique of Governor Martinez For Vice-President

I wrote an article for  American Thinker on the Electoral College advantage for the Republicans of having New Mexico's Governor Susana Martinez as the 2016 Vice-Presidential candidate;

Governor Susana Martinez: The GOP's Best Hope? 

In brief summary, I set out the advantages for the GOP of this scenario as follows;

1.The Electoral College picture for the Republicans in 2016 is daunting to say the least. To get to 270 EC votes the nominee would have to win Florida,Virginia,Ohio,Iowa plus all the 'Romney states" plus one from Colorado,Nevada or New Mexico. If Florida is lost it is game over immediately,if Virginia is lost then any two of Colorado New Mexico and Nevada would have to be won.

2.Governor Martinez, who currently has a 16 point lead in her re-election campaign would, obviously,be the best positioned VP candidate to deliver New Mexico and have a degree of influence with the Hispanic communities in Colorado and Nevada.

3. Historically vice-presidential candidates have about a 1% influence on the presidential candidates vote. Florida, with its substantial Hispanic population, was lost by Romney by less than 1%-clearly Martinez might be the deciding factor in that state and thus perhaps the entire election.

4. The obvious; Governor Martinez is a woman in this age of ascendency for women polticians and is Hispanic. Both those facts help the GOP with the Democrat's "war on women" nonsense and the ludicrous "racism" charges-they'd be done and dusted.

Now obviously I am not the only person to note these positives in relation to Governor Martinez. the left has its radar out and there have been two significant analyses about her. There was a long post in the far left "Mother Jones" with the compulsory personal attacks digs;" Martinez can be nasty,juvenile and vindictive" accompanied by a drawing of he looking like a maniacal harridan.

More recently the more balanced political analysis site " did a piece of Governor O'Malley of Maryland as a potential VP candidate for the Democratic party and followed it with a piece on Governor Martinez where they referred to my American thinker article. It is instructive I believe to critique their critique as theirs is presented in the current environment. began with a summary of the positive points I presented (they linked to my article which was appreciated) and then went on the attack from the left;

"On the other hand, she probably knew that as a good-looking woman whose political experience was limited to two years as a governor of an empty state, she would be compared to other Republican Vice Presidential candidates that had the same credentials. Also working against her is that the fact that she can be petty, vindictive, and weak on policy, an accusation that has also been levelled at previous female Republican Vice Presidential candidates. Most of all, she has never been tested on the national stage. Still, she is an intriguing possibility, at least on paper. Mother Jones has a long piece on her Vice Presidential prospects.
All this notwithstanding, the effect of the Vice Presidential candidate is marginal. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), Mitt Romney's running mate in 2012 didn't even bring in his own state, for example.'
I would hope that we are beyond a woman's  appearance, being either "good looking" or perhaps not so good looking as has been levelled at Hillary Clinton as being a factor in candidate selection or appeal. I would also take note of and hope we are beyond the the repeat of the "petty weak and vindictive" Alinskyism lifted straight from "Mother Jones"
It is odd that Martinez two year experience of being governor was mentioned in respect of a possible run with Romney as she has served four years now and would have six year experience under her belt in 2016-experience is not a factor worth mentioning.
The "empty state" comment (actually 2.086 million population) is also puzzling as that doesn't seem to have been a factor in the selection of Joe Biden (Delaware population 91,700) or Lieberman (Connecticut 3.5 million) or the promotion of O'Malley (Maryland population 5.7 million) 
Not having been tested on the national stage (apart from a very well received convention address) also doesn't seem to be a concern where Martin O'Malley is concerned in whose case "Martin who" might be the general reaction from the public.
The 1% vice-presidential candidate effect" linked to is, no doubt, historically correct and it was another of the Romney teams errors was to disregard that and suppose a liberal state like Wisconsin was going to switch to the GOP because of Ryan. On the other hand there can be absolutely no doubt that Plain's selection n 2008 lifted a moribund McCain campaign into  the lead. In fact it was this same site that, at the height of the "Palin bounce' was questioning whether Obama was done for. I believe that if Lehman Brothers was not allowed to collapse and McCain didn't "suspend" his campaign and subsequently perform so badly in the first debate, Palin would have shattered not only the 'glass ceiling" but also the 1% rule.
I am also of the firm belief that Governor Martinez,as long as he performs adequately in the crucible of the election campaign, would also break the 1% rule and by doing so could be the winning of the 2016 election

Governor Susana Martinez: The GOP's Best Hope? 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gov. Palin Responds To President Obama's Address On ISIS

Sarah Palin
War is hell. So go big or go home, Mr. President. Big means bold, confident, wise assurance from a trustworthy Commander-in-Chief that it shall all be worth it. Charge in, strike hard, get out. Win.
Obama famously claims to despise the “theater” and “optics” of the presidency. In tonight's speech he illustrated the “optics” of toughness. He tried to show a war-weary America that he’s tough in his speech concerning the threat of ISIS/ISIL. “The One” who believes in leading from behind can’t have it both ways. He sure wasn’t concerned about “optics” when he let the crisis starring this Islamic death cult reach this point as he dithered and danced and golfed the time away while the Middle East exploded into chaos.
Tonight he announced he’s flipped and will finally militarily engage inside Syria – the red line he’d set and then forgotten about surfaced again. This, after three and a half years of civil war, 200,000 people killed, and millions displaced amid horrifying humanitarian conditions. Last month, he authorized U.S. military action to stall ISIS’ momentum as it’s taken nearly complete control of Iraq. Tonight, President Obama pledged to fight Islamic 
militants “wherever they exist” with a very small coalition of the willing. (Can you blame foreign nations for not trusting the resolve of this president enough to join us? Right now he has a coalition of nine; President Bush had over 40 allied countries that could trust America’s leadership.)
Remember the inexperienced presidential candidate speaking from Germany at the Brandenburg Gate (2008)? Or the know-it-all state senator (2002), known for merely voting “present” on the big things, yet lecturing about this “dumb war” he claimed was a distraction from his desire to force income redistribution to create security. Remember him? Today, he seems more worried about contradicting his campaign promises (2002-2008) and typical political poll angst than leading as president (2009-present). These are the “optics” he's worried about.
The rise of the animalistic terror group, ISIS, is the result of Obama’s lead-from-behind foreign policy. He had broadcast his war strategy for all the enemy to see in Iraq, so the enemy could wait us out and strike as soon as America turned tail and turned away from all we’d sacrificed there. Terrorists who we had under control got to regroup and grow after Obama’s premature pull out. Those are the facts, and some tough talking speech is still just talk. Ronald Reagan was described by the Soviets as a politician for whom “words and deeds are one and the same.” When Reagan said his vision of the Cold War was “we win, they lose,” he meant it, and his policies won the Cold War. The real question Americans and our allies must ask is whether Obama-the-lecturer's words will translate into deeds.
Go big and be real, Mr. President, if you've really changed your mind 
again and now wish to engage. You must acknowledge reality: the organization calling itself the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is, in fact, “Islamic.” Not many of us pretend to be experts on the Muslim religion, but these terrorists obviously consider themselves Muslim and they believe what they’re horrifically doing to innocents is part of their “religion of peace.” So, you can use your soapbox to fiercely encourage the sane, civilized Muslims of the world to tell ISIS and all these sickening terrorists that they’re wrong. In the meantime, we must identify and understand the enemy by at least acknowledging their ideological motivation and identity. Our president is naive to ignore this.
ISIS must be stopped in Iraq and Syria before we need to stop them anywhere else. As they dominate the region they head for us; we're next on the hit list. For the sake of peace-loving people in America and throughout the world, let’s hope Barack Obama means what he says when he uses terms like “defeating ISIS.” He is so inconsistent in leading a failed agenda that it’s virtually impossible to put any hope in his new promises, because either his past statements shrugging off ISIS as just a “JV squad” was all talk or tonight’s new terminology is just all talk.
We should honor and understand our brave men and women of the U.S. armed forces today more than ever. Please do not support politicians who join Obama in diminishing our military. Our finest, trained to fight for what is right and determined to win, deserve our support. Thank you, military, may you be heard when you pray America’s leadership understands that if we’re in it, then we're in it to win it; no half measures. Troops, we are always with you.
- Sarah Palin

Contradicting Media Dismissing Palin For 2016;Holding Elected Office Not Necessary For Nomination: 40% Of Nominees Did Not

One of the many media/leftist memes I have seen is that "Sarah Palin will never hold elective office again." 

Why the left/media should continue to attack and berate someone who was a VP candidate four years ago, whom they deem irrelevant is a mystery. Unless, perhaps, they perceive her as a long term threat, which is of course justifiable and reasonable even if not stated.

The 'will never hold office again" meme I take as implying some sort of absolute impediment to her being able to be a candidate for the presidency as, apparently, being in some sort of elected position at the time of the primary/convention season is a prerequisite.

Expecting Palin to, at some point in the future, possibly commencing in the pre-election year of 2015, announce a run for the presidency it may be of value for supporters to be immediately able to counter this meme should it, undoubtedly I believe, arise.

If every one of the 25 elections held in the past 100 years is examined, commencing with the Wilson versus Roosevelt/Taft election of 1912 the truth is that of the major party candidates 40% of elections (10) included candidates who were not office holders at the time of their nomination/election.

Most had held some elective office, as has of course Governor Palin, but, again, they were not in any office on election day. 

Thus, clearly, not holding office is absolutely, historically, nothing that Palin need see as a restriction to her running. And, clearly it is nothing the left/media can use effectively once any such notion is countered with the data below.

I detail below the candidates not in office on election day over the last 100 years of presidential elections.

1912 Teddy Roosevelt
1916 Charles Evans Hughes (SC Justice-Appointed not elected)
1924 John W. Davis
1940 Wendell Wilkie (never held elective office)
1956 Adlai Stevenson
1976 Jimmy Carter
1980 Ronald Reagan
1984 Walter Mondale
1996 Bob Dole
2012 Mitt Romney

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sarah Palin to visit Joplin to speak at fundraiser: talk about her experience having a child with disabilities.

Sarah Palin will visit Joplin at the end of September to talk about her experience having a child with disabilities.

The former governor of Alaska and vice presidential nominee will speak at a fundraising event for the LifeChoices Health Network at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 25, in Taylor Performing Arts Center at Missouri Southern State University.

LifeChoices is offering its supporters and partners the first seats, according to Rita Lawson, advancement director. Any extra seats will be open to the public. LifeChoices should know how many of those seats would be available by the end of the week, Lawson said.
The public can check on available seating, starting Aug. 25, at on voices
There will be no charge for tickets, but because the event is a fundraiser there will be opportunities to make donations.
Lawson said about a third of the organization’s budget comes from the annual fundraising event. The event also serves as an awareness opportunity.
“It’s also a fantastic way to get volunteers,” she said.
Palin will be talking about her experiences having a son with Down syndrome. She also will talk about why organizations such as LifeChoices are important to a community, Lawson said.
Palin served as governor of Alaska from 2006 to 2009. In 2008, she was the vice presidential running mate for Republican presidential nominee John McCain. According to her biography on SarahPAC — her political action committee — she was the first female and youngest governor of Alaska.
The Fox News contributor also is the author of “Going Rogue: An American Life,” “America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag,” and “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas.” She was the host of a documentary series, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” on TLC.
Jordynn Griffith, LifeChoices communication coordinator, said the talk isn’t meant to be a political event, but rather a time for Palin to share her experience.
“She’s more just sharing her personal family story,” she said.
Every year, the nonprofit clinic that focuses on sexual and prenatal health tries to bring in someone it believes has a story to share, Lawson said, and Palin fit that bill.
“I think she can well relate to individuals that we see here through the clinic,” Lawson said.
Previous guests at the fundraising event have been Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee.
Last year, the event drew more than 1,500 people for a dinner, with a waiting list of people who wanted to attend.
“We knew we needed to do something a little different this year,” Lawson said.
Media time
IN ADDITION TO TALKING about her family, Sarah Palin plans to meet with members of the media before the event.

Friday, September 5, 2014

2 Video's +Photo's Media Report Comments Of Gov.Palin At The Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation

FOX 26 News | MyFoxHouston FOX 26 News | MyFoxHouston

Former Alaska Gov. and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will speak at a charity gala event to benefit the Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation at WoodsEdge Community Church near The Woodlands at 6 tonight.

The Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation is a faith-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families deal with post-traumatic stress disorder and readjust to life after combat.

LikeA trip to see Sarah
I arrived a little early and found the person I needed to find. I can tell you I had butterflies dive-bombing in my stomach. In a few minutes I would see the lady who lives under the great North Star - the lady we call, "Sarah."
Everyone was dressed in their Sunday best. Many were waiting to meet Our Sarah. The people around me were so nice. They could not wait to meet her. For some, it was the first time. I was able to talk to some about Sarah Palin's Earthquake Movement. Those with whom I spoke about SPEQ seemed very interested. Then, it was my turn.

I walked into the room. Sarah looked beautiful. She reached out her hand and we exchanged a few words. I hugged her. If you look at the picture, you can see Sarah is smiling. In her arms, I told her that over 35 people texted me and asked me to give her that hug. The 35 asked me to tell her they love her and they have her back. Sarah said to tell all of you, "Thank you and that she has your back".
Far too fast, my special moment was over. I was escorted into dinner by a nice looking Marine in full dress uniform. My seat was at table number four. My chair was turned so that I was dead-on in front of Sarah. No one was in front of me. I was in hog heaven.
Sarah's speech was wonderful. She was more than just a mom talking about her son. Although, she did that, she also encouraged others to step up and fight for those who have and are still fighting for our freedom.

Great meeting you tonight at the gala! "It is our duty to serve those who served us"

Truly amazing night at the Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation gala.
The Mighty Oaks Warrior Fdn is an incredible organization. As said no amount of pills or counselling can heal like Christ.
Christ Heals Better Than Pills, Counselling: Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin Hot Summer

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Was great to open at Mighty Oaks Foundation Gala w/. An honor to serve our military by sharing music
Montgomery Courier

Palin honors vets at gala for PTSD recovery program

Palin honors vets at gala for PTSD recovery program
Palin honors vets at gala for PTSD recovery program

Palin honors vets at gala for PTSD recovery program
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Posted: Friday, September 5, 2014 11:20 pm

THE WOODLANDS — Former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin shared her views on the Second Amendment, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria crisis and military issues, as well as cracked some jokes and told personal anecdotes at the Mighty Oaks 4th Annual Gala at WoodsEdge Community Church Friday night.

The gala, which drew about 400 guests, benefited the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs, a faith-based, non-profit organization focused on helping veterans deal with post-traumatic stress disorder and adjust to life after combat.

The programs include six-day Post Traumatic Stress Reintegration Programs for men and women and a three-day marriage program that take place at Sky Rose Ranch in San Miguel, Calif.
President and Founder of Mighty Oaks Programs Chad Robichaux, who is a former resident of The Woodlands and a Marine Corps veteran, spoke about how much the programs have grown since they started in 2011.
“Four hundred and fifty warriors have come through our program, we’ve still had zero suicides from our warriors,” Robichaux said.
Although, he added, that with veterans commiting suicide at a rate of 23 a day and a post-combat divorce rate of 80 percent, “the fight’s not over.”
The Mighty Oaks Programs are the only faith-based recovery programs that the U.S. military is ordering veterans to, according to Robichaux.
He emphasized the importance of the program’s faith-centered approach to helping those suffering from PTSD heal.
“Our strength is in that we are a faith-based program,” Robichaux said. “This was a calling that God put on my heart to help guys who went through what I went through.”
Robichaux also announced that he, along with Serving California, Mighty Oaks’ mother organization, have been working with Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, the U.S. Marine who has been held in prison in Mexico for entering the country in possession of firearms.
Phil Dunn, president of Serving California, is an attorney and has taken over the case for the Marine’s defense.
“He never intended to bring firearms into Mexico,” Dunn said. “He just asked if he could turn around.”
“Now he has a legal chance,” Robichaux said.
Dunn called on President Barack Obama to become more personally involved in Tahmooressi’s case and the attendees of the gala joined hands in prayer for his release.
When introducing Palin, Robichaux said that he did not ask her to come speak as a political figure.
“She’s coming here as an American who loves her warriors and as a mom of a warrior,” he said.
When she took the stage, Palin started off by saying how glad she was to be in Texas and remembering the time she spent in the state during her summers in high school.
“I’m gonna spare you guys all my Texas jokes, especially because I’m in church,” Palin said.
She talked about her son, Track, an army veteran who served in Iraq, and his experience with the Mighty Oaks Programs.
“He was enamored,” Palin said.
“At this time in such a tumultuous world, we need our returning warriors to be strong, we need them to be healthy,” she said. “They need to win these battles too, the battles that are at home.”
Palin went on the reminisce about the time when she went into labor with her youngest son, Trig, while in Texas and flew back to Alaska before he was born.
The former governor touched on some political issues, including commenting on the violence in the Middle East and the president’s lack of response, global warming and Second Amendment rights.
“One more thing Alaskans and Texans have in common,” Palin said. “I know I’m amongst a bunch of people clinging to their guns, their God and their Constitution.”

What an honor it was tonight to speak at a fundraiser in Houston for the unique and wonderful organization called Mighty Oaks. Under Chad Robichaux's leadership, this strong, experienced military team helps our vets overcome PTSD. The work they do for our wounded warriors is so crucial. It’s the sincere heartfelt work that only private non-profits can really tackle. As a faith-based group, Mighty Oaks uses a Christ-centered approach to helping our vets heal, and their many success stories are incredibly inspiring. The number of vets struggling with PTSD is truly staggering. It’s our duty as a grateful nation to do everything we can to help our warriors who sacrificed so much to ensure our liberty. Mighty Oaks helps our men and woman regain the freedom in their own lives that they fought to defend. We can’t wait for politicians to tackle this. Every American who loves their freedom can step up and give our vets the love and support they deserve.
If you’d like to contribute or know of a vet who needs help, please visit the Mighty Oaks website at:
God bless these wonderful patriots and God bless our brave vets!
- Sarah Palin

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UPDATE WITH SLIDE SHOW LINK:18 Photo's Of Governor Palin Speaking At GCU With Audience Comments

This striking photograph and dozens more in a full sized slide show at; "Arizona Foothills"
  AT THIS LINK  (not the photo)

20 IMG_3912 LR LR

Obama Impotent, Pulled out Early: Sarah Palin

Great to meet at the Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation gala in Texas.
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Arizona CBS report "Unfair& Biased" On Palin address at GCU.Nice pic's of her/audience comments the rest is MSM bull

Fun time listening to and meeting herself, at
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Great message and fierce shoes!
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When Sarah Palin comes to GCU to speak and commends the school for teaching the truth of Jesus Christ

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Obama... when are you going to ask muslims to stop clinging to guns and religion??
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It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it
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The ladies take the stage at GCU
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My husband is great at many things...taking pics, not so much
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Just met Sarah Palin and I share my story. Great woman & leader ....
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"The president doesn't respect the people & he shows it when he bypasses the people's representatives."
"ISIS needs to know that they are going straight to hell and the red, white, and blue will send them there!"
"If we desire to secure peace, we must let it be known at all times that we are ready for war."
"The world couldn't negotiate with Hitler and we can't with ISIS. This month is the 75th anniversary of WWII which we should have seen coming. He made his intentions clear."
"That death cult means it when they say they will raise their flag over our nation. Have you ever read the bible? Read Revelation."
"That death cult (ISIS) they don't just sell the women into slavery. Where are the feminists? Those phony, hypocritical ppl!"
"Obama said "I've got terrorism on the run." Yeah, running right towards us."
"Our country needs a come to Jesus realization. It's been just a matter of months that terrorism has grown."
"No one has the brains and the braun and the might of our United States military."
"Obama's impotent because he pulled out early (of Iraq). He told our enemies our planned action."
"Illegal immigration will kill the American dream for all those Americans and legal immigrants who work hard to obtain it."
"The first act of ILLEGAL immigrants upon our soil is to break the law."
"Feds, Arizona will show you how to secure the border because they are on the front lines in the border battle."
"We need to exercise time tested truth that built this country into the most prosperous & most generous in the world."
"My worry? Can we survive the people who voted for Obama TWICE? What does that say? We've got some work to do."
"We don't need fundamental transformation of America. We need a fundamental RESTORATION of all that's free, good & prosperous."
"I am not disrespecting the Office of the Presidency. I'm disrespecting the guy in office because he doesn't deserve respect."
"We could have REAL job growth if Obama took his foot off the neck of business!"
"You don't MANAGE monsters who thirst for American blood."
"In regards to ISIS and Obama's lack of strategy: Strategize THIS! We WIN and THEY LOSE!"
"Obama says we never leave an American behind. Two Americans were left behind and beheaded. What about our Marine in Mexico?"
"All these scandals are to overload the system. Make us get used to the status quo of that's the way it is."
"I find it ironic that he who chanted 'yes we can' has become the 'no we can't president'."
"We need leaders who still believe that America is a place of greatness and opportunity. We must do a better job of getting the vote out for those leaders who will protect our borders."
"Obama parties with the 1% while denouncing them. Hypocrisy much?"
"We're not going to put up with political correctness. We will not be told to sit down and shut up."