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University Studies & Pollsters Conclude Palin Helped McCain's Campaign;Did Not "Cause McCain To Lose

The hoary old leftist fable "Palin caused McCain to lose" raises its head now and then. That people could be so ignorant, willfully blind or childishly and deliberately false is another indication of the left's Palin derangement. I have collated here in one place the major university studies, polling company reports and major analysts who come to the obvious conclusion, backed by irrefutable statistics that Governor Palin was a major assistance to the McCain campaign.


Four Academic And Polling Company Reports All Conclude Palin Helped McCain 2008 LINK

LINK James E. CampbellProfessor and Chair, University at Buffalo, SUNY

University Study:"The Unexpected Wall Street Meltdown Election" Destroyed McCain's Chances After Palin Put Him In Lead


"Dramatic Polling Evidence Proves Palin Twice Gave McCain Huge Poll Boost' LINK


Another Leftist Myth About Palin Destroyed-The Most Important One:"Palin Effect” finds (Palin) helped McCain by attracting more voters to the ticket,"Reconsidering the ‘Palin Effect’ in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election


Unimpeachable Leftist Silver At N.Y.Times"538" Shows Statistical Proof That Palin Didn't Cause McCain's Loss


NBC Poll;Sarah Palin: Strongest Vote Winning Vice Presidential Candidate in Recent History LINK


Many Republicans have long groused that former GOP presidential nominee Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., would have defeated then-Sen. Barack Obama in 2008 if the American economy hadn't collapsed less than two months before Election Day.
It turns out Vice President Joe Biden agrees with them.

"The truth of the matter is, Barack knows it, I know, had the economy not collapsed around your ears, John ... I think you probably would have won." Biden said to McCain at the Republican's annual leadership forum in Sedona, Ariz.,according to The Associated Press.   LINK

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Video: Gov.Palin Interview At Varney & Co. 10/28/14 "hopefully running for office in the future”"

Sarah Palin on the war on women, GOP leadership Oct. 28, 2014 - 7:38 - Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin discusses the war on women, Hillary Clinton and GOP leadership.

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Major Post:An Orman Win In Kansas Could Give Dem’s TWO Senate Votes

From the outstanding site of noted writer Bob Belvedere "The Camp of The Saints LINK

An Orman Win In Kansas Could Give Dem’s TWO Senate Votes

26 OCTOBER 2014 @ 20:32
Special guest post by M. Joseph Sheppard.
Those Republican voters in Kansas, especially the Tea Party supporters, who are considering voting for “Independent” Greg Orman for senator rather than current senator Pat Roberts might give pause when they realize Orman is potentially two senate votes for the Democratic party.
The math is simple and irrefutable. If the election result  turns out to be Dem’s 50 senate seats and the GOP 49 with Orman winning as an “Independent” then, as per his advice, he will “caucus with the party that has the most seats” that being, under these circumstances, the Dem’s who will have a two vote 51/49 majority with Harry Reid triumphant
But, if the result is, as seem highly possible on current polling, Republicans 50 Democrat’s 49 Independent 1 what then?
There is absolutely no guarantee that Orman, a Democrat in previous incarnations, might not find a plum committee post or some other bauble so enticing that he would not find “the national interest via the balance of the GOP having the house and the Democratic party the senate” or some other such wiggle room specious reasoning, to caucus with the Dem’s.
For all his running as a new broom etc he is a politician, and such have been known to do anything when it suits (see Specter, Arlen for example).
Orman himself confirms this obvious concept:
Orman: I Could ‘Absolutely’ Switch Parties After Picking Senate Side
Then the result would be Democrat’s and allies 50 Republicans 50. At which point Vice-President Biden becomes the casting vote and gives Reid and co. control of the senate.That such a result would make a mockery of  Kansas true political leanings, not having had a Democratic party senator for 80 years, is beyond doubt-which mockery counts for nothing with the Beltway machination machine.
Thus Orman goes from being the Republicans 51st potential vote to, in actuality via the Biden co-joined vote seeing the Dem’s go from 49 to 51 votes. The reality is that an Orman win can be worth two votes and a working majority for the Dem’s. Latest polling has Orman up by 5 points-the danger, not just for Roberts, but for the entire GOP is clear.
This possibility should be driven home to the wavering Kansas Tea Party (to whom Governor Palin surely made it clear where their support should go with her visit to Kansas to visibly and vocally stand by Roberts) and to the regular Kansas Republicans. A vote for Roberts shores up the possibility of getting rid of Reid, and of ensuring President Obama is the lamest of lame ducks.
A vote for Orman, or  staying home on election day can very much mean an Obama and Reid triumph and give bad portends for 2016. It also gives the Dem’s a mechanism, via “independents” to pull of this game in other red states-what difference does it make to them if, as in Alaska and now Kansas, they don’t run a regular Democrat if they can sneak one in to caucus with them under the Indie label? the noted polling analysis site has a commentary up which clearly states the danger for republicans:
Vox has a story on Kansas Senate candidate Greg Orman and what he might do if he wins. The article says he is cynical because he says he might caucus with either party but his platform fits much better with the Democrats.
Mr. Sheppard is the proprietor of the blogs Point Of View and Palin4President 2016.  He also writes occasionally for American Thinker and is a man of refined taste.  Follow him on Twitter: @MJosephSheppard.

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From The Camp Of the Saints:"Palin Versus Warren 2016 – Would Be A Choice Not An Echo"

From the outstanding site of noted writer Bob Belvedere "The Camp of The Saints LINK

I suggest reading it in conjunction with:":"Goldwater-Palin Path To Electoral College Victory In 2016"

Palin Versus Warren 2016 – Would Be A Choice Not An Echo

22 OCTOBER 2014 
Special guest post by M. Joseph Sheppard.
The Punditocracy has Hillary Clinton as not only the odds on favorite for the 2016 Democratic party nomination but as the certain winner against whichever hapless Republic is thrown to the wolves as a sacrificial lamb.
That scenario is of course highly possible, especially the nomination part, under current circumstances. The qualifier is of course “current circumstances” as who knows what the political, social and perhaps most importantly, economic picture will look like in six months much less two years from now.
In early 2008 I recall seeing an “Electoral college map” which  illustrated what states, in what was obviously a cynical portrayal of a hopeless case, then Senator Barack Obama would win if he were the Democrat’s nominee. The entire country, except Illinois, was a mass of gleaming red-such are the vagaries of auguries.
But to even get to that Mondalian position Obama would have to win the nomination by breaking down the walls and crossing the moat of the seemingly impenetrable fortress of Senator Clinton-all of which came to pass against nearly all expectations.
What might cause a similar collapse of Clinton’s hopes, if such they are, for 2016?  Again, in opposition to the pundits certainties, they are legion.
Nobody of goodwill wishes Secretary Clinton ill health but health, especially for in elder who has had problems, perhaps serious ones, and who is, by her own admission not in the best shape may be a deciding factor especially where a long and grueling campaign may be on offer. Thus for that, significant factor alone she may choose not to run and who could blame her.
The social picture as a defining factor is a bit harder to quantify or pin down. America will have had eight years of liberal, progressive, social policies including same-sex marriage imposed by judicial fiat. It may be the social pendulum will cause a desire to see the pendulum swing to a more conservative, states rights based attitude.
Such social attitudes can play a significant role as they most certainly did during the 2004 campaign. Whether they are of such a significant factor by themselves as to give Mrs. Clinton pause is moot but, taken with other factors they may provide a tipping point.
“The “other factor” of major significance could well be the economy. If, after 7-8 years of economic stagnation which has produced a surly mood in the public, (63% feeling the country is on “the wrong track” at present) there is a significant stock market crash then it would be a brave person, Clinton or any other, who would wish to campaign with the albatross of having to defend the Obama administration around their neck.
There need be no further example of what such a scenario can do than the abrupt end of John McCain’s 2008 campaign after he, with the obvious assistance of Governor Palin, jumped into the lead after the GOP convention only to fall permanently behind two week later as the share market collapsed.
And of course the political environment may be so toxic for the Dem’s that the nomination would appear quixotic at best. A clearer picture of this will emerge after the November mid-terms and if there is anything like the 2010 swing  to the GOP with an increase in House seats, governorship’s and most especially capture of the senate with up to 54 seats then that too may dissuade Clinton from running.
The thought of having to defend a seriously out of favor Obama administration without the ability to cast herself as a new broom not associated with it, as McCain was able to do with the Bush administration would be a serious handicap.
If any of the preceding scenario’s eventuate and persuaded or handicapped Mrs.Clinton from running then the stage would be set for a similar run by the only Democrat who could do “a McCain” and that would be Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.
Warren has indicated, time and again, that she would not run, regardless of the fact that “Ready for Warren” groups have been set up around the country, if Hillary Clinton ran This  is sensible as the chances of Clinton being outflanked on the left for a second time would appear to be negligible.
But if Clinton does not run Warren would be assured of the “progressive” grass roots activist support which was a mainstay of Obama’s insurgency. A financial downturn or continuation of the sub-optimal economic environment would actually be a strong point for her as she is seen as the enemy of the banking class and a battler for the economically disadvantaged in the traditional state-ist leftist manner.
It would be a campaign of appeal to the traditional Democratic party roots whilst showing a clean pair of heels to the, by then, debunked, dispirited and condemned Beltway establishment wing. That Warren can, with credibility, distance herself from President Obama has been made strikingly clear with her Salon interview which headlined
“Elizabeth Warren on Barack Obama: “They protected Wall Street. Not families who were losing their homes. Not people who lost their jobs. And it happened over and over and over”
As with McCain, only a “rogue” campaign could be run with any credibility and Warren, also having the “it’s time for a woman” theme to hand, would be the only Democrat who could, with any credibility, mount such a campaign. It would be farcical to envisage Joe Biden running and winning under such circumstances, and a complete unknown such as Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley making any headway.
The Republicans might well take note of how successful the “rogue” effort was for John McCain. That he could take a significant lead in the polls whilst running as the nominee of a party whose president was at rock bottom in his approval rating was a tribute to the power of the idea.
That a female nominee might be important to counter not only  the Democrat of that gender but also the certain to be used “war on women” meme is a matter of serious consideration. That a nominee is needed that can appeal to the conservative grass roots who have voted in sufferance for establishment candidates or stayed at home in their millions is obvious.
There is only one high profile, tested, scrutinized to the nth degree female potential GOP presidential candidate who has not only an appeal to the grass roots but their admiration and love, and that is of course Sarah Palin.
A Palin candidacy would negate the “war on women” meme, the radical reformer against the special interest meme (Palin basically invented the “crony capitalism” attack concept) and there is nothing Warren could say in that respect which would make her superior to Palin in that populist messaging.
But above all Palin versus Warren would be a campaign of ideas and America would, finally, be given a stark choice between a states rights, small government, low taxes, individualism, pro-business, anti-amnesty, emphasis on right to life candidacy of the conservatives choice and its diametric opposite on the progressive left.
The Goldwater versus Johnson election had such a clear choice but the waters were muddied in that Johnson ran as the substitute for the martyred Kennedy and no Republican could have won. 2016 could see the choice starkly clear and epoch making for the body politic.
It would also be a joy to behold for psephologists, commentators and give political scientists years of analytically work post election. It would in the final analysis determine what sort of America would be in place for perhaps generations as did the Roosevelt election of 1932.
In what may turn out to be a highly significant event the Palin Vs.Warren campaign has had a preview of what it might look like already. The two prospective candidates positions could not be more stark in there opposition and a campaign of two such ideological heavyweights might stand America on its ear in a campaign the likes which have not been seen since Kennedy versus Nixon.
Race, gender, mudslinging ‘family values”and all the other ephemera, nonsense, distractions, red meat throwing, baiting and special interest patting would have to be tossed overboard in a genuine and absorbing campaign of ideas and ideals.
Governor Palin presented a  rebuttal to Senator Warren’s “11 Progressive Commandments” delivered to the progressive “Netroots” convent ion in July on her new “Palin TV” channel.
These were set out in a step by step reply to Senator Warren’s points.  Of course they are not the totality of Palin’s core positions as they are limited to the responses to a “progressives” positions, but they are extremely significant as an indication of strongly held conservative thinking and, of course, as examples of Governor Palin’s main beliefs.
It is important, I believe, to set these out as if or when Governor Palin runs for high office they will serve as a touchstone for supporters and a rebuttal to opponents-most significantly of course if that opponent was Senator Warren.
Mr. Sheppard is the proprietor of the blogs Point Of View and Palin4President 2016.  He also writes occasionally for American Thinker and is a man of refined taste.  Follow him on Twitter: @MJosephSheppard.

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Message To Sarah Palin:'It is your duty to run for the Presidency in 2016

The beloved by so many Bob Belvedere whose "The Camp Of the Saints" site LINK is a go to for conservatives wrote an heartfelt plea to Governor Palin to run for president in April 2014. The message is even more vital as 2015 approaches as the need to create an on the ground machine and raise funds would have to commence as early as possible in that year. 

I add my small voice to the much more important ones of Belvedere and the like, as vital matters are at stake. The message below is "an humble petition and advice" and should be Tweeted and blogged and  Facebook-ed and sent directly to the one person who has it in her hands to save the republic.


Message To Sarah Palin

Over at Breitbart, Tony Lee reports on Sarah Palin’s appearance on Saturday’s Fox Newsshow Cashin’ In [tip of the fedora to Smitty][this is worth quoting in full* and emphasis mine]:
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin blasted President Barack Obama on Saturday for either not understanding or deliberately disrespecting the Constitution.
“We have a president who doesn’t understand or just chooses to disrespect our Constitution,” Palin said on Fox News’ Cashin In with host Eric Bolling.
Obama has unilaterally changed immigration, health care, and welfare laws, among others, according to Palin, and she said that he has sent a message with his actions that an elite crew will run the government as they see fit instead of “We the People.”
She also said there needs to be “new energy” in government instead of more blue bloods and when asked about her comments suggesting that Hillary Clinton run, Palin emphasized that she never said it would be a good thing if Hillary won.
When asked what Americans could do to ensure the Constitution is not assaulted, Palin said they should elect people who “promise to pay whatever price it is going to take to protect our Constitution” at the national level and support candidates who are not afraid to call for a convention of the states, if necessary, to be a check on an overreaching federal government.

Needless to say, I agree wholeheartedly with Mrs. Palin.

Message To Sarah Palin:
If you pledge to ‘pay whatever price it is going to take to protect our Constitution’ then it is your duty to run for the Presidency in 2016 because you are the best possible candidate.
You ‘get it’ the most out of all nationally prominent conservatives.
You have executive experience.
You are possessed of Common Sense.
You can articulate conservative beliefs better than anyone else in possible contention.
You are possessed of the same strength of character as Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Winston Churchill.
Don’t do as you did in 2011/2012 and refuse to pledge your life, your fortune, and your Sacred Honor in our cause.  While your reasons were understandable, the time has come for all True Americans to be willing to sacrifice all in the cause of restoring our Freedoms and Liberties.
If people like yourself do not do the right thing now, there will be much blood shed later.
Do your Duty, dammit.
Your Humble and Obedient Servant…
Robert Belvedere

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Governor Palin In Williston North Dakota 10/13 Commentary TV & Print Reports

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Crowd lined up into the street to see Gov.Palin tonight (but she's "diminished") @costareports
  Palin Makes an Appearance in Williston KQCD News KQCD.COM - Dickinson, ND - News, Weather, Sports Religion, and her experiences with the oil and gas industry, were the focus of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin's remarks in Williston tonight. Over a thousand people packed the Trinity Christian School to listen to the speech from the 2008 candidate for vice president. Palin spoke about coming to North Dakota and the importance of oil in the region. "(Former) Governor Palin is an oil field person as well," says Doug Black of the Trinity Christian School. "And, in fact, her husband Todd was involved in the oil field. And we wanted this to be an oil field theme. Plus, we know that she believes in Christian education, so the two were a great match for Trinity Christian School and the Bakken." Black says Trinity Christian School wants to bring big names to Williston more often.

WILLISTON, North Dakota — North Dakota embodies the "drill, baby, drill" mantra more than anywhere else and the state shares a kinship with Alaska, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said. Palin made the remarks at a fundraising banquet for Williston, North Dakota's Trinity Christian School at Williston State College Monday night. "Drill, baby, drill" refers to the slogan Palin popularized during her 2008 run for the vice presidency and encourages the tapping of domestic oil and gas reservoirs. "Our states share a pioneering spirit," she told the crowd of several hundred, adding that the two states were also bonded by oil.

"You feed America and you fuel America, North Dakota." She added: "The American dream is certainly alive and well here and we need that again, North Dakota." Palin was joined at the fundraiser by evangelical historian David Barton. His speech largely looked at the detrimental effect the removal of the bible from public schools has had on education and society. Citing contractual issues, event organizers only allowed The Associated Press and other media organizations present to attend several minutes of Palin's speech. Palin Makes an Appearance in Williston WKQCD TV (tiny N.Dakota town and 1000 show up-standing room only Panzer Leader ‏@ArmorCavSpin The is called real star power, Sarah is just like Reagan in so many ways - she is the ONLY way to defeat Hillary in '16 Palin Inspires Me ‏@PalinInspiresMe Very impressive @SarahPalinUSA 1,000 people , standing room only in a state with only 672,000 people. #PalinPower